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Here's a list of 75 New Kindle books ( BEST RATED) which became free today (12-23-12)

Most of these promoted Kindle books will only be free for a limited time, so get them for free while you still can. Happy reading to all of you!

Hungry For More. Heat...spice...chemistry... Hot-tempered celebrity chef Paul Devoe has no problem handling those elements in the kitchen- but when Nanny Bridget Parker introduces them into his every day life, he quickly realizes that he is out of his league! Bridget has raised "Tad" Devoe since he was born. He's much more of a son than a charge.   Bridget is devastated to learn that she might lose Tad when he goes to live with his negligent father after his mother's untimely death. Bridget knows more about Paul from his television shows and cookbooks than she does from interacting with him in real life. She can count on one hand the number of hours that he's spent alone with his son. She is certain that Paul is not suitable to raise a little boy alone and will do anything to keep Tad safe and secure...............

By Chelsea Scott,    Reviews :37  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt. Like millions of other women, CNN’s Headline News and truTV’s In Session anchor Christi Paul blamed herself for the emotional abuse heaped on her by her first husband, whose violent, profanity-laced tirades left her feeling as though she had no value, no self-worth, and nowhere to turn for help. Then one day, when Christi was taking refuge in a church parking lot, the verse “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” popped into her head. In that moment, she realized she did have someplace to turn after all. Holding fast to her faith, Christi began the arduous process of rebuilding her self-image and regaining control of her life. Now happily remarried and the mother of three girls, Christi feels.......

By Christi Paul,   Reviews :40  ,  Stars: 5.0 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Revenge Gifts (Revenge Gift Diaries). In fact, she's an expert. Lace pillows filled with cat hair-for your least-favorite, most allergic relative; boxer shorts that set off metal detectors-for your cheating spouse; and her best seller at chocolates for your worst enemy, so you can watch gleefully as she packs on the pounds. Tara's best friend warns her that all this revenge is damaging her karma, but Tara doesn't care about her next life-she wants to enjoy this one. Besides, her kitchen is full of cranky ghosts. Tara figures she'll be the same one day, when she leaves the mortal plane. That might happen sooner than she thought, because someone has put a curse on her. A black cat..........

By Cindy Cruciger,    Reviews :41  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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The Sleeping Night. A triumphant tale of forbidden love that will delight Barbara Samuel’s many romance fans while tackling the serious issue of racism in our not-so-distant past.  An unforgettable romance in an unforgiving time. They’ll need love and courage to see the dawn. He's a hometown native, returning from the war, determined to change the world he'd fought to protect. She's the girl who's been his secret friend since childhood, now a beautiful woman........

By Barbara Samuel,    Reviews :27  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Liquid Lies (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense). Teenage best friends CiCi and Francesca made a decision that haunted them for the rest of their lives. What started as a celebration of Francesca's eighteenth birthday became a tragedy with repercussions neither could ever have imagined. Four years later, after keeping the incident buried, a blackmailer enters their lives, threatening to expose their secret. In the idyllic resort town of Round Lake, Jet Skiers, swimmers and boaters center their lives on their upscale waterfront homes in their picturesque, peaceful Wisconsin town. Who would expect it to be torn apart by the selfish decisions of the wealthy few? Who would guess that underneath this picture of serenity lay murder......

By Lois Lavrisa,  Reviews :93  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Thin Rich Bitches. An uproarious romp through the minefield of female one-upmanship! Leaving her cheating husband in Boston with the paralegal he impregnated, Pippin Snowe and her son move to a ramshackle farmhouse in the exclusive community of Dover, Massachusetts. Pippin finds employment with a local architect, designing kitchen renovations for wealthy Dover women who treat her as they treat the rest of the hired help. Concluding that social climbing is just another sport that she is no good at, Pippin opens a country club for dogs that offers services that the Dover women didn't know they wanted until they found out that admission was required and spaces were limited. With irreverent wit, Thin Rich Bitches is a humorous chronicle of one woman's quest to find her place within a community of people who are more blessed physically and financially, while learning valuable lessons about life, love, competition, and canine couture.....

By Janet E. Josselyn,   Reviews :14  ,  Stars: 4.0 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Cinderella's Secret Diary (Book 1: Lost). What happened to Cinderella after she married the Prince? Set in the late 1700s as Napoleon is rising to power, Cinderella embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to come to terms with her failed marriage and her inability to have a child. Torn between the Queen's insistence that she try all means necessary to conceive and her own desires, she agrees to travel to Paris to consult with a witch to help her become pregnant. Her journey leads her to find her long lost Fairy Godmother and aids her to solve the mystery behind her mother's death. Yet the Fey Lord, the Silver Fox, also takes notice in her and her world is suddenly turned upside down...

By Ron Vitale,  Reviews :24  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Angel Dance. Gina Fiore - beautiful Seattle heiress has vanished.
A foreign drug cartel and a Chicago organized crime family are looking.
Can Danny Logan rescue her before the noose closes?

By M.D. Grayson,   Reviews :27  ,  Stars: 4.8 ,   Kindle USA Price: 0.00

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Non Fiction Books

Money on Your Terms: The Step-by-Step Guide to Debt-Free Financial Independence by Tim Mann

Real Secrets to Get Your Financial Freedom Motivational Book by Andrew Zirkin

Communing with the Infinite - a Path of Awakening Awareness by A'ra Blair

Easy Gluten Free Holiday Recipes: The Ultimate Holiday Feast by Alma Martinez 

Dessert - 50 Scrumptious Recipes (Mama's Legacy Series) by Nancy N Wilson

51 Amazing Gluten-Free Appetizer Recipes by Suzanne Leonard

47 Tasty Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes by Suzanne Leonard

45 Gorgeous Gluten-Free Desserts by Suzanne Leonard

Swine & Dine: Recipes for Bringing Pork to Any Occasion by Cooking Penguin

What Fruits are Good for Weight Loss: What is Good for Weight Loss Volume 1 by Katherine S. Alexandra

Grandma's Favorites - Over 30 Tasty Time Honored Cookie Recipes by Mary Brown

I Love Brownies: The World's Best Brownie Recipes by Michelle Anderson

Mmm...No1...Cookbook by Michael Madden

Weekend Homesteader: November by Anna Hess

A Foodie's Guide to Yummy Appetizer & Snack Recipes by Dante Morelli

25 Easy Cook Recipes For Meatloaf by Lori J. Stewart

48 Breakfast Vegetarian Recipes  by Denise Dale

30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes by Lori Burke

Healthy Make Ahead and Freeze Muffins (Food Matters) by Mara Michaels & Carolyn Stone

Chicken - 25 Classic Dinners (Mama's Legacy Series) by Nancy N Wilson

Guide To Vegetarianism: The Vegetarian's Pantry (Book 3 of 3) by Valerie Waters 

The 90 Days Paleo Diet Revolution - Lose 40 Pounds Or More The First 90 Days by Thomas Ross

Children's Books

SANTA'S CHRISTMAS SECRET (As Told By Santa) by John Kleiman

The Complex: A Story about Cats, Ferrets, and Unlikely Friends! by Lucas Morris

The Adventures Of Two Little Ducklings by K.K

Please Don't Tickle The Tiger: Poems That Make Even Grouchy Kids Smile by Ryan Cedar

Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-6! by Scott Gordon

Gimme Wimme, the story of a greedy little boy by Elizabeth Weber

Princess Kiah and the Glass Slipper (Princess Kiah Series) by Joy Findlay

Torn Souls by Crystal Cattabriga ( YA Book)

Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga) by Samantha Adams ( YA Novel)

Extras ( Fiction Books)

Bathsheba: A Novel (The Wives of King David) by Jill Eileen Smith

His Majesty, the Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs

Max: (a psychological thriller combining mystery, crime and suspense) by D.M. Mitchell

Mai Tai One On by Jill Marie Landis

Just A Kiss Away by Jill Barnett

A Real Piece of Work (The Dakota Stevens Mysteries) by Chris Orcutt

Multiples of Six (Trilogy of The Six, Book #1) by Andy Rane

The Holly Nather Trilogy (Visions #1, Secrets #2, Choices #3) by Sara Daniell

Sweet Water by Anna Jeffrey 

Hope Rising by Amy Shade


First Visions: Second Sight Book One by Heather T. Wood

Nothing Hidden by Paulette Bullinger

Turning Inside Out by Phyllis L. Jules

King's X by Stephen T. Harper

As the Crow Dies by Ken Casper

Dancing in the Moonlight (Silhouette Special Edition) by Raeanne Thayne

Fire and Shadow (A Lily Evans Mystery - Book 2) by Susan J. McLeod 

Always by Carol Rose

What I Learned From Being A Cheerleader by Adrianne Ambroise

Eye of the Abductor by Elaine Meece

Tricked Truths by Beth Kery

Blood Twist (The Erris Coven Series) by Bonnie Wheeler

Lady in the Mist: A Novel (The Midwives) by Laurie A. Eakes

Reckless by Saskia Walker

Through the Wildwood (The Legend of Vanx Malic) by M.R. Mathias

Desperate Housedogs by Sparkle Abbey

Sikander by m. Salahuddin Khan

Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1) by Tina Folsom

On Thin Ice by PJ Sharon 

A Grave Exchange (A Grave Passion) by Jane Pillatzke

The Hush by William Flowers

The Manicurist by Phyllis Schieber

Ecstasy by Bella Andre

In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1) by Cynthia Wicklund

Heaven Is For Heroes by PJ Sharon

All's Fair in Love & Seduction (The Elusive Lords, Book 2.5) by Beverley Kendall

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